SUTRA webinar

Transformational Experience Design

Do you want to share your wisdom and experience online in a way that fosters meaningful connection and insight?

Sutra is an online learning platform that helps you create conversational learning experiences that bring people together. In this webinar we'll show you how to design online experiences that generate deep presence and group engagement.

Designing a course that cultivates reflection and authentic relating is difficult. This free webinar gives you a detailed overview of how to structure an online experience that generates meaningful connection and conversation over time.

Learn how you can:

  • Work with online groups in a powerful way
  • Run a conversational learning experience that inspires commitment
  • Use the Sutra platform to deliver your course

Sutra learning experiences involve conversation, holding space, and presencing. In this call we will give you a direct experience of all three elements.

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Tuesday, August 24th at 12pm EST

Join us for a 2 hour conversation on creating learning experiences that create change.

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    Presented by:

    Natasha and Lorenz Sell have been guiding and facilitating small group interactions since 2012. They are co-founders of, a software platform designed around small group learning online. Sutra has supported projects at the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, the UN, the Presencing Institute, as well as many individuals and smaller organizations in creating online learning experiences that foster deep connection and communication.

    Their work integrates a masters study from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with Theory U work from MIT professor Otto Scharmer, Immunity To Change methodologies from Harvard professors Robert Keegan and Lisa Lahey, as well as Thomas Hübl's teachings on collective trauma.