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Anatomy of a Meaningful Learning Experience

You want to share your wisdom and experience online in a way that fosters healing and transformation.

It’s easy to throw some content together and call it a “course”. It’s hard for that content to have a lasting impact on people’s lives. If you’ve ever taken an in person workshop where you've walked away feeling elevated and connected - you know the feeling.

This free webinar introduces you to the building blocks of a meaningful online learning experience. You will have direct experience of a peer support process that will leave you feeling connected and uplifted.

Learn how you can:

  • Create a safe space online
  • Guide a co-constructed experience
  • Facilitate deep levels of communication

Tuesday, Feb 18 at 12pm EST

Join us for a 90 minute conversation on creating learning experiences that create change.

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    Presented by:

    Natasha and Lorenz Sell have been guiding and facilitating small group interactions since 2012. They are co-founders of, a software platform designed around small group learning online. Sutra supports the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, leadership programs at UNICEF, as well as a handful of other organizations in creating online learning experiences that foster deep connection and communication.

    Their work integrates a masters study from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with Theory U work from MIT professor Otto Scharmer and Immunity To Change methodologies from Harvard professors Robert Keegan and Lisa Lahey.